These are our favorite sites for consistently solid survival and prep-related content.

No paid placement here! These are the sites Summit Zero staff read on a regular basis and we highly recommend each and every one.

  • Apartment Prepper: Family preparedness in an apartment setting
  • Doom & Bloom Survival Medicine: Legit survival medicine and first aid advice from a husband/wife couple in the medical field
  • Imminent Threat Solutions: Provides knowledge to empower individuals with indispensable skill-sets to explore their world and prevail against all threats.
  • Modern Survival Blog: No-BS survival advice on “preparedness and risk awareness; emergency, disaster, SHTF collapse, or threats thereof”
  • SHTF Plan: One of the best, most full-featured, and regularly updated survival sites online
  • Survivopedia: “Uncommon wisdom for dangerous times” – covers everything from survival skills, to gun reviews, to gardening after the fall
  • Survivalist Boards: “Endure – Adapt – Overcome” – The best survivalist forums for gear talk, SHFT/TEOTWAWKI advice
  • Tactical Intelligence: The tactics you need to confidently survive and thrive in good times and bad
  • The Prepper Journal: Just prepping, survival, and common sense
  • Urban Survival Site: Urban-specific survival tips/advice for how to survive in the city when disaster strikes

If you have a site you’d recommend to our readers, shoot us an email!

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