Unless you’re backpacking solo when the stench of days on the trail isn’t a concern, “showering” in the wild can be a pain. Wet wipes help, of course. But, when you’re attempting to bath yourself with a barely damp square of tissue-thin cotton, it’s hard not to feel like an infant getting a bath from mommy.

Enter: Epic Wipes. The company makes a single product — giant, adult-sized wet wipes that’ll revolutionize (OK, maybe that’s grandiose …) the way you shower in the backcountry. They furnished us with a complimentary 10-pack to test out with just one requirement: we had to test them out personally. They were confident that, once we used them, we’d love them. They weren’t wrong.

Girl with pack of Epic Wipes in a back pocket

It’s difficult to write a detailed, 1,200-word review about wet wipes. So, we’ll cut to the chase: these things rock! They’re thick and very durable. Even though the company doesn’t specifically say so, you could easily stuff them in a Ziploc bag and reuse them. The cloth could even be re-moistened if need be without worrying that they might fall apart.

They also smell clean and subtly “aromatic” (with a mix of eucalyptus and tea tree oil) is the best word I can use — not chemically at all, like most wet wipes. Best of all: they’re huge! At 31.5″ x 19.7″, they’re sixteen times larger than a standard wet wipe. Each one is roughly half the size of a small bath towel, meaning you can wipe everywhere.


You can easily get a good, thorough cleaning under even the nastiest circumstances — think post-mountain biking, a long day at the beach, or after a three-day backcountry hike with limited water on the trail. With a standard box of 10, you and your significant other can stay clean off the grid for at least two weeks, probably three, and maybe even four (depending on how nasty you don’t mind being). For all of these reasons, we highly recommend them!

Pricing and Availability

Available now for around $25 USD per 10-pack directly from Epic Wipes.

Disclosure: This post was published on behalf of our partners.