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*** Banned in Australia and Canada ***


Based on this original, revolutionary Iain Sinclar design!
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  • Ultra-sharp blade slices and dices with ease
  • Super slim design is just 2.2 mm thin (the size of a credit card) and weighs less than an ounce!
  • Waterproof, stainless steel construction ensures razor sharp, rust-free use
  • Built-in safety sheath protects the blade from accidentally opening in your pocket or pack
  • Quick-snap locking mechanism ensures the blade stays where you need it, when you need it
  • The perfect addition to any wallet, backpack, or go-bag

Be prepared for anything, anytime with
the slickest knife you’ve ever seen!

If the Boy Scouts taught us one thing, it’s that adults shouldn’t wear a uniform designed for boys. If they taught us anything else, it’s to always be prepared. Thanks to the [credit card knife], you’re one step closer to perpetual preparedness.

“This credit card knife is terrifyingly stealth.”
– Gizmodo

 Warning: the QuickBlade is extremely sharp! Consider yourself warned! 


So, why are we giving them away? We want to prove to you that SUMMIT° is committed to helping you, our respected members, survive any situation. That means putting in your hands the very best, most clever, slickest survival gear on the market.

Once you try the QuickBlade credit card knife for yourself, we know you’ll love it just as much as we do. And you’ll find it an invaluable addition to your wallet, pack, or go-bag.

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