When SHTF, we all know that survival will depend on who is the best armed. But, when your ammo runs out, then what?

Here are 13 improvised weapons you can easily build from common household trash.

#1: The Saw Blade Slinger (a.k.a. “The Disaster Bat”)

A “sling” that relies on a saw blade as a projectile is pure zombie destruction porn. Here’s how to build one:

… and here it is in action:

#2: Making a Machete (With No Power Tools)

If the grid goes down permanently and you’re without access to electricity, power tools, or both, here’s how to craft a machete (complete with a proper handle) with nothing but hand tools:

#3: A Quick & Dirty War Hammer

The “war hammer” is every bit as bad ass as it sounds. It’s easier to show you rather than explain it:

#4: Blowgun

The blowgun has been around since the dawn of hollow tubes and … pointy things. It’s a no-brainer to build for even the most incompetent DIY weapon-maker.

Here’s how for less than $10:

If you really want to up your game, here’s a dirt-cheap way to add a laser sight and a quiver:

#5: Shepherd Sling

Also known as a “rock sling”, this hunting tool (and weapon) is likely even older than the blowgun. The premise relies on slinging a projectile (rocks, grenades, babies, etc.) from a leather “bucket” at high speed.

Here’s how to make a shepherd sling cheaply and easily:

Tip: use the smoothest, most spherical objects you can find. River rocks are ideal and can be found anywhere near running water.

#6: DIY Claymore Mine

This tutorial demonstrates a DIY claymore built with Airsoft BBs. But, it could easily be repurposed to deploy any zombie-destroying ordinance you can imagine.

#7: Primitive Crossbow

Without a gun, a crossbow — even a primitive one — may be one of the most accurate survival weapons. Here’s how to build a rough version with nothing but rope and a knife:

Tip: this can also be done using PVC (in urban survival situations).

#8: Slingshot Crossbow

If you want to step up your crossbow game, this slingshot crossbow takes things even further:

#9: Black Pipe Shotgun (a.k.a. “Noisy Cricket”)

First off, this is incredibly dangerous to build and wield. Unless you know what the hell you’re doing, just don’t do this. Seriously.

But, if the zombie apocalypse is upon us, by all means …

#10-13: Pepper Spray, Bolas, Crossbow, and a Slingshot

From a literal bag of trash, this nutty Bavarian builds a handful of weapons including pepper spray (from old chili powder), bolas (from cat food cans and batteries), a crossbow (from a broom handle), and a simple slingshot.