Tactical Intelligence shares 11 lesser-considered tips for food storage:

Improving shelf life of food is crucial for a couple of reasons …

First, even if you rotate your stash twice a year, when SHTF, you want the expiration date to be as far away into the future as possible. Second, you’re probably going to store food in other places besides your home, such as your car, your bug out bag or your bug out location.

As you may or may not know, storing food in your car’s trunk isn’t ideal because of high temperatures and temperature variations which significantly decrease shelf life.

In what follows, I want to give you a few kick-ass food storage tips to protect your survival food from spoiling, increase shelf life and decrease the odds of your family waking up with rotten food post-collapse.

Get the full list of solid tips here.

What’s your favorite tip for making food last when SHTF?