If you have more outdoor and tactical gear than you know what to do with, you probably need a better way to keep it all sorted. Standard clothes hangers aren’t up to the task, and hanging everything on nails in the garage is lame.

Take a look at Tough Hook. In the first few minutes of this week’s Gear Tasting series, Bryan Black and the boys over at ITS (Imminent Threat Solutions) do a deep-dive review of Tough Hook. They’re advertised as the “toughest and strongest hangers on the planet.” And, after watching Bryan do a few pull-ups on one, we have to think the company’s onto something. As he demonstrates, they’re also cleverly designed to be flipped over and used as a carrying handle for everything from jackets, to body armor, to … just about anything, really.

BUY NOW — $19 Tough Hook is available in a handful of colors directly from Amazon.