You say, “Why??”

Hauk Designs says, “Why not?”

The boys at Hauk Designs, with Kenny Hauk at the helm, design some of the most insane custom rides on History Channel’s show Road Hauks. This Loco Hauk steam-powered Jeep may be one of their most daring, ridiculous, unnecessary — and totally fucking awesome — builds to date.

It’s hard to believe, but this steam-powered beast began its life as a typical 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 6×6. From there, it underwent a Frankenstein-like customization that included: outfitting it with a 4-inch, 4-link BDS suspension and Fox shocks. But, what really puts it over the top is the V4 steam-powered engine. It’s only good for about 140 horsepower, but an insane 2,500 foot-pounds torque. That’s not a misprint. The huge 55-gallon water tank in the rear feeds the boiler. On a visual level, Hauk also overhauled the interior and plenty of other stock bits to give it a hardcore steampunk look.

Is it practical? Nope. Do we care in the least? Also nope.